Harf jar and isim majrur

Isim means noun such as house بيت or room غرفة or table طاولة

Examples of har jar حرف جر are as follows:
من، على ، فى

Translation is “from”, “on top”, “in” respectively.

Noun followed by حرف جر has a “ei” sound at the end.

For example:
In the house. فى البيتِ
From the room. من الغرفةِ
On the table. على الطاولةِ

In the above sentences all the nouns such as بيت ، غرفة، طاولة are مجرور meaning they have “ei” ending sound.

There are many examples in the Quran such as in surah naas we have
فى صدورِ

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